Hair Color

Hair Color

Our services are very unique. Every stylist on staff is a Certified Colorist by Redken Color Academy. We are committed to bringing you the latest techniques combined with advanced technology to ensure the most incredible color results possible.

Hair Color – $60 and up

As an alternative to conventional highlighting, Salon Bellage offers 3 Dimensional Highlighting. The highlights have a softer appearance with a more natural out-growth. the hairdressers can use creativity and artistic ability to personalize the placement of each lightened strand.

Foil Highlighting– $70 and up

Corrective Color

If you’ve had a bad experience with color, allow us to fix that challenge not at home. Most often, at home fixes make the situation worse and could result in harsh damage from over the counter products. Work with a Salon Bellage Color Expert to get you back to your desired hair color.

Corrective Color – priced by consultation

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